Take control of your germs

Keeping your facilities clean and protected from harmful bacteria is hard — that’s why we’ve taken a different approach. Vital Vio has developed overhead lighting that constantly disinfects rooms from harmful bacteria.

VioSafe™ Under Cabinet Light Now Available!

Protect your most touched surfaces from germs with VioSafe for your kitchen, bathroom and office.

VioSafe™ 22" Under Cabinet Light

How Vital Vio can help your people stay healthy


Our system significantly reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in a room


It works around-the-clock to provide you with the most protection


Install into standard fixtures, or tailor the design to your facility


It's non-harmful to people, and UL safety certified

This technology works best for:


99,000 annual deaths in the US are associated with hospital-acquired infections


MRSA survives in the seat pocket material on airplanes for as long as 168 hours, and E. coli lives for up to 96 hours on the rubber armrest


Comforters, faucets, remote controls, bed throws, bathroom sinks and toilet bases have all been found in testing to have a high volume of harmful bacteria


Office desktops have almost 21,000 germs per square inch


Each year, 1 in 6 Americans get sick by consuming contaminated foods or beverages


Studies have proven high counts of MRSA to live on surfaces of medicine balls and the grips of machines

Public Transit

A recent study reported a finding of 37 species of staph-related bacteria in New York City subways


Although MRSA is less of a threat to pets, it still poses a serious threat to the health of animals


Staph organisms are particularly resistant to traditional cleaning solutions in public bathrooms

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Why Your Facilities are at Risk

Vital Vio’s lighting technology has been proven effective in killing gram negative and gram positive bacteria, bacterial endospores, yeast, and fungi such as:


1,000,000 illnesses / 19,000 hospitalizations per year in the US

E. Coli

73,000 cases / $30M spent on medical care per year in the US

C. Diff

453,000 cases / 29,300 associated deaths per year in the US


80,000 cases / 11,285 associated deaths per year in the US

Bacteria are no match for
this startup's germ-killing light.

…Kill harmful bacteria without
damaging the health of human beings…

This light could be pretty big,
like a Thomas Edison kind of big.