Frequently Asked Questions



Who is Vital Vio?

Vital Vio is a healthcare solutions company that has reinvented disinfection, providing the world with new tools to continuously kill germs and protect against deadly and costly infections.

Where can I buy one of your lights?

Vital Vio provides its technology and patented disinfection LEDs to companies focused on a broad range of business and consumer applications. Multi-purpose lighting products that illuminate and disinfect – as well as innovative solutions that require disinfection but not illumination – are available now in select markets and form factors through an exclusive network of qualified business partners.  To be connected with one of our partners, to buy directly from us or for more information about becoming a Vital Vio Business Partner, please contact us.

Where is Vital Vio's technology used?

Vital Vio’s safe, non-chemical continuous disinfection solutions provide protection anywhere bacteria, mold and fungi are problematic.  Think high-traffic areas, like kitchens, restrooms, airports and athletic facilities as well as high-risk areas like hospital trauma bays, agricultural & food-processing facilities, clean rooms and more.  Today, many solutions that use our technology deliver both disinfection and illumination.  But it is possible and practical to use our technology in places where disinfection is essential, but illumination is not.



How does Vital Vio’s technology work?

Our technology harnesses specific wavelengths of visible light to excite certain molecules found in the cells of bacteria, mold and fungi, but not in those of humans, pets and plants. When these molecules are excited it causes a toxic reaction within the cell that leads to death.

Do you use ultraviolet (UV) light? What’s the difference between your technology and UV?

UV is a well-known disinfection tool, but it is not safe for human exposure as it degrades our DNA.  Vital Vio’s technology is much different than a UV lighting disinfectant.  Our technology uses LEDs to produce light in the visible region of the spectrum.  Though we are sometimes confused with UV, our technology does not emit UV light waves and our method of action for killing bacteria is entirely different and safe for human exposure.

What germs is Vital Vio's light effective against?

Vital Vio’s lighting technology has been proven effective in killing gram negative and gram positive bacteria, bacterial endospores, yeast, mold and fungi. Please inquire with a Vital Vio specialist for a full list and specific research and case studies testing the germs of most concern to you.

How fast does it work?

VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® begins working instantly – as soon as bacteria are exposed to the light the deadly reaction within the cells begins. Different types and strains of bacteria, mold and fungi are all killed at different rates. In a lab setting, we see real, meaningful (and what the scientific and medical communities call “statistically significant”) reductions of bacteria colony counts in as little as 24 hours. Of course, in the real world, bacteria are also reintroduced to environments at constant but highly variable rates.

Instead of thinking about your disinfection procedures in terms of, “How fast,” consider asking, “How long does it work?”  Here’s why: clean and disinfect a surface.  Now, touch your hand to it. Bacteria are deposited. Touch it again, more bacteria. Wait some time and airborne bacteria land on it, too. Once on the surface, these bacteria are free to multiply and spread, over and over, until the next time you come back to clean.  That’s the nature of “intermittent cleaning procedures.”

Now imagine that surface is illuminated with VioSafe White Light Disinfection technology.  You’re still cleaning intermittently. But between cleanings, the bacteria load on the surface is a fraction of what it would otherwise be because the VioSafe technology is continuously killing the bacteria that is redeposited.  In an active hospital trauma bay, Samaritan Hospital achieved significant bacteria reductions in as few as 2 weeks and maintained those lower levels of bacteria count between intermittent cleanings.  Continuous disinfection isn’t the same as intermittent disinfection; it’s an important, long-lasting addition to best-practices in infection control.

Is it safe?

Yes!  Vital Vio’s technology harnesses the visible light spectrum; our LEDs do not emit ultraviolet (UV) light. The International Electrotechnical Commission – the international standards organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies – has certified, as administered by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL), that products Powered by Vital Vio are safe for continuous exposure and unrestricted use.

Has Vital Vio performed studies to prove the efficacy of White Light Disinfection® technology?

Vital Vio has multiple studies and reports that demonstrate the utility of the Vital Vio technology in a variety of situations, ranging from controlled laboratory settings to active trauma bays in hospitals. While some of these tests have been performed by Vital Vio for customers, other studies have been performed by independent, third-party academic sources each of which has published their results or has publications in varying stages of peer review.

Some studies performed on the efficacy of Vital Vio’s technology include research performed at the NY State Department of Health Wadsworth Biodefense Lab, University of North Carolina, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Cornell Food Sciences, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Case Western University, Stonybrook University Hospital, and Bayfront Health System with several more clinical and customer trials currently in progress. Detailed case studies and results are available upon request.