Wellness in a Post-COVID World

A 2020 report examining how the pandemic has sparked American’s new hygiene behaviors and demands.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. While businesses and public spaces have shut down temporarily, the scary reality is that life as we knew it won’t be the same for the foreseeable future.

Wellness Post Covid World
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To understand exactly what our “new normal” world looks like and how people will change their daily behaviors following the pandemic, we surveyed 1,000 American adults on their new concerns and expectations for cleanliness. What we found is that Americans are more aware and skeptical than ever of germ spread:

  • 82% are more aware or concerned with cleaning tools and protocol in public spaces
  • 58% have less confidence in their peers’ cleaning and hygiene practices
  • 40% will only visit public spaces when it’s absolutely necessary post-COVID

The good news is that Americans are willing to make drastic changes – and demand businesses do the same – to create a safer, healthier life for themselves, their families and the community:

  • Three-quarters (76%) will hold brands accountable for how they clean their spaces
  • More than half (51%) will stop doing business with brands that don’t openly discuss their cleaning protocols
  • The majority of Americans will even pay more for travel (56%), dining (54%) and retail (52%) experiences that include enhanced cleaning tools and protocols

Download the full “Wellness in a Post-COVID World” report for more information on Americans’ new hygiene behaviors and demands.