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A Top Idea at Strategies in Light

Strategies In Light

Describing Vital Vio’s disinfecting technology and outlining key advances during the last year – including innovations that enabled the breakthrough of incorporating the disinfection capacity into a single-diode LED, while doubling the efficiency of their disinfection technology – Colleen Costello got the attention of the audience at the Investors Forum, of the 2017 Strategies In Light + The Led Show & Expo.

LEDs Magazine Chief Editor Maury Wright was among those who took notice; selecting her talk among the “Top 5” ideas on day one.  The global gathering, held this year in Anaheim California, attracted 5,500+ participants from 60 countries, with more than 250 exhibitors.  The Investor Forum was organized by CanaccordGenuity.

Colleen At SinL

In the Top 5 Stories from Strategies in Light, LEDs Magazine chief editor Maury Wright reports a short update on the LED and lighting sectors; new developments in Cree’s COB LEDs with various color-point offerings; Vital Vio’s advances in violet light for sterilization and infection control; Khatod’s silicone-based TIR lenses for LED applications; and the potential of smart lighting and connected building systems as discussed during the Investor Forum.