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Health Tech Company Vital Vio, Inc. Expanding to Bring Continuous Disinfection to the Europe and UK Markets with the Launch of “LEDCare” Anti-Bacterial Light

Vital Vio Introducing Patented VioSafe® Technology to the UK Market in conjunction with Co-Founder & CEO Colleen Costello’s participation in Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders Mission at London Tech Week June 11-13, 2018

Troy, NY (June, 08, 2018) – Vital Vio, Inc., the healthcare solutions company that has reinvented disinfection with its patented VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® technology, today announced the launch of LEDCare, a new germ-killing light designed for the Europe and UK markets.

Vital Vio’s patented LED technology is proven effective – by independent research and case studies – to safely and continuously kill bacteria and other harmful organisms including: MRSA, Salmonella, E. coli, and C. diff. growing on interior surfaces.

“We are keenly aware of the strong market demand in Europe for innovative solutions to the persistent problem of infection, because of the number and range of companies who have taken notice as our VioSafe® disinfecting LED technology is incorporated into more and more product offerings in the United States. Vital Vio is expanding internationally to meet and grow this demand to incorporate our continuous disinfection technology, as an added layer of protection against the pervasive and costly problem of germs,” said Co-Founder and CEO Colleen Costello.

Vital Vio has successfully partnered with several leading U.S. based lighting companies to develop a range of bacteria-killing lighting solutions primarily for domestic retail and commercial (medical, athletics, food service, hospitality, education) markets. For example, licensee Visa Lighting has launched five new commercial fixtures powered by VioSafe® technology, Evolution Lighting debuted Ellumi disinfecting under-cabinet lights for the home and office, and Ecco Safety Group’s Code3 introduced a bacteria-killing patient compartment light for ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

In this, its first expansion beyond the U.S., Vital Vio has established a Southern Europe Business Development office, through a partnership with EIKOScare Medical, a Madrid, Spain-based company focused on providing innovative solutions in the medical sector.

London Mayor’s Mission of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

Vital Vio also is introducing its continuous disinfection technology into the UK market, with the participation of its Co-founder and CEO Colleen Costello selected to participate in the London Mayor’s Mission of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders, hosted in conjunction with London Tech Week June 11-13, 2018.

“I am delighted that London & Partners is hosting this mission of women entrepreneurs and business leaders from the US and Canada to London during London Tech Week,” said CEO Laura Citron. “Our delegates will get an exclusive insight into London’s tech scene, as well as targeted networking to grow their businesses in London. They will also experience what makes London a fantastic place to do international business, including making links with academic and government institutions, key infrastructure projects and exploring London’s cultural offering. We feel that encouraging collaboration across the pond is crucial at this point in time.”

Costello, who co-founded Vital Vio in 2012 after her grandmother contracted MRSA during a hospital stay, said: “To expand awareness and adoption of VioSafe® continuous disinfection technology in the U.K. and Europe, we are engaging with organizations who are seeking innovative preventative solutions and are most in need of our germ-killing technology. We also are seeking licensing and sales partners who share the company’s passion for driving health innovation. Our initial focus is on meeting demand in the sports, food/hospitality, and health sectors.”

Costello will participate in a range of panel discussions, presentations, and meetings throughout London Tech Week, along with fellow Mission of Women Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders.

LEDCare Luminaire

The LEDCare luminaire, powered by Vital Vio’s patented White Light Disinfection® Technology, is designed for the healthcare, hotel, sports, food service, and public transportation markets. On sale beginning June 15, 2018 by EIKOScare, this versatile multi-tasking commercial light fixture was designed by Solmad Illuminacion, of Madrid, Spain, to easily replace traditional single-purpose lighting. These single or dual mode troffers are CE compliant, meeting European standards.

“I was fascinated to learn that lighting could be safely used to disinfect, and I was determined to help bring this concept to market in Europe. Fighting germs is a challenge everywhere. It is a problem in search of a solution, and we found the answer in Vital Vio’s VioSafe® LED technology,” said Rafael Fraile Guedon of EIKOScare Medical, who will lead Vital Vio’s new Southern Europe business development efforts.

Initially the LEDCare luminaire is being offered in two IP versions: 30 and 65, and in two sizes: 600 x 600 mm and 300 x 1200 mm. A downlight version of this germ-killing LED will be available for commercial sale in the near future. LEDCare Luminaires are just the first of many germ-fighting products, powered by Vital Vio’s technology, that we intend to develop together.” Guedon said.

Additional bacteria-killing products powered by Vital Vio’s technology are scheduled to move to market in the coming year as a result of existing and new partnerships, while ongoing research and innovation is driving future technologies and partnerships. Vital Vio’s investment in research and development has produced a robust intellectual property portfolio with four patents granted, numerous additional U.S. and international patents pending, and an array of first-to-market products.

About Vital Vio
Vital Vio is a healthcare solutions company that has reinvented disinfection, providing facilities managers and home-owners new tools to continuously kill germs indoors with the flip of a light switch. The company’s VioSafe® White Light Disinfection® technology is safe for continuous human exposure. Used in combination with traditional intermittent cleaning in hospitals, homes, public spaces, and workplaces, Vital Vio’s technology multi-tasks to safely, effectively, and continuously kill bacteria and other harmful organisms on indoor surfaces, while also illuminating the room. Vital Vio has been awarded four U.S. Patents for its innovative technologies and products, with numerous additional patents pending. Research has shown that the company’s LED’s and other product offerings dramatically reduce contamination and infection risk for its customers. More information at
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Eikoscare Medical S.L. is an independent Spanish company focused on providing innovative solutions in the healthcare market. Passionately committed to doing whatever it takes to help its customers be successful, EIKOScare applies its insights and experience to propose solutions that offer a smarter way forward. In today’s global healthcare environment – EIKOScare adds value by delivering flexible, affordable and practical options to help customers succeed.
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