VioSafe™ 22″ Under Cabinet Antibacterial Light



The VioSafeTM Under Cabinet Light is Vital Vio’s first plug-in product, designed for both residential and commercial use with no need for an electrician to install. This antibacterial under cabinet light is the first of its kind and is perfect for residential and commercial use in a variety of settings such as under kitchen & bathroom cabinets, at nurse’s stations, and as general task lighting, to protect frequently used surfaces that are at risk for harboring harmful bacteria.

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  • Laboratory and controlled room experiments show up to a 90% bacteria reduction in a treated environment for one day
  • 18″ – 24″ mounting height from surface is recommend for optimal disinfection
  • Kills numerous harmful bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli, and Salmonella, as well as yeasts and fungi
  • Meets international standards for human safety and light exposure


  • Patent pending, high CRI, White Light Disinfection LED technology
  • Surface mount, low profile fixture
  • Simple keyhole mounting or adhesive tape mounting for easy installation
  • Mode switching: Off, Bright White Light Disinfection, Dim White Light Disinfection, Eco mode
  • Daisy chain capability included