VioSafe™ Antibacterial White Light LED


The VioSafeTM VLD LED produces a high quality white light that also provides continuous disinfection through precisely engineered wavelengths of visible light. This LED can be incorporated and retrofit into nearly any LED light product and is the core technology of the White Light DisinfectionTM Mode in all VioSafeTM Antibacterial White LED products.

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  • Laboratory and controlled room experiments show up to a 90% bacteria reduction in a treated environment for one day
  • In an actively used facility, statistically significant reductions can occur in a matter of weeks
  • Kills numerous bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli, and Salmonella, as well as yeasts and fungi
  • Meets international standards for human safety and light exposure


  • Patented, High CRI, White Light DisinfectionTM LED Technology
  • High performance white light
  • Uses 5730 standard LED footprint for easy integration into LED light engine designs
  • Safe for continuous human and animal exposure
  • Products using these LEDs pass all international photo-biological safety standards