VioSafe™ T8 Direct Replacement Tube Antibacterial Light



The VioSafeTM T8 Replacement Tube is designed to serve as a direct replacement for existing tubes in T8 fluorescent troffers while making use of the existing ballast for easy installation. This product is equipped with Vital Vio’s White Light DisinfectionTM technology, providing both continuous disinfection and safe illumination through overhead lighting.

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  • Laboratory and controlled room experiments show up to a 90% bacteria reduction in a treated environment for one day
  • In an actively used facility, statistically significant reductions can occur in a matter of weeks
  • Kills numerous bacteria such as MRSA, E. coli, and Salmonella, as well as yeasts and fungi
  • Meets international standards for human safety and light exposure


  • Patent Pending, High CRI, White Light DisinfectionTM LED Technology
  • Fits into existing T8 fixtures with instant start and fluorescent ballasts
  • Glass-free, mercury-free, UV-free design allows for safe handling
  • Replacement process identical to any fluorescent tube