The Science


Vital Vio’s precise spectrum of light, created with our patent pending LED technology, initiates a photo-activation of porphyrin molecules found in microorganisms. This photo-activation leads to the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). In high doses, ROS cause irreparable damage to the cellular structure, which leads to bacterial cell death. These activated molecules are unique to bacterial cells, making this spectrum of light safe to be used around humans and animals.

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Bacteria Cell

Dead Cell

Vital Vio light shines on the bacterial cell and (photo)activates molecules within the cell.

Reactive Oxygen Species are produced in excess.

Build-up of Reactive Oxygen species is toxic and causes cellular damage.

The damage caused by the Reactive Oxygen species results in the death of the bacterial cell, rendering it harmless.

Use our ‘White Light DisinfectionTM Mode’ as a replacement for standard overhead lighting that provides both continuous disinfection and safe illumination and our ‘Eco Mode,’ which emits a higher dosage of Vital Vio’s antimicrobial wavelengths, as a disinfection maintenance mode for when full illumination is not required.

With the flip of a switch, VioSafeTM lights can be shifted from White Light DisinfectionTM Mode to Eco Mode; both modes work together to constantly protect environmental surfaces from harmful bacteria, while still remaining equally safe for humans and animals.

White Light Disinfection™

Vital Vio’s technology is disinfecting every area of a room at all times, just at different rates based on distance. Laboratory and controlled room experiments show up to a 90% bacteria reduction in a treated environment for one day. In an actively used facility, statistically significant reductions can occur in a matter of weeks.



Chances are that your current cleaning solution allows for intervals of high bacteria growth; we call this intermittent cleaning. By installing our system you are able to continuously control bacteria to a decreased level, which eliminates the most dangerous periods in your day.